Sessions range in content and structure depending on each individual, couple or family. I use my intuitive and empathic senses as a guide at all times. I approach each person as an expert on their own healing. I want each person to feel heard and understood. I want each person to better love and accept their strengths as well as their limitations.

The list below highlights areas of possible focus in sessions with adults.

  • Avoid habitual patterns that keep you stuck
  • Reach desired life goals
  • Learn exercises to use in daily life to cope with challenges
  • Accept every aspect within you with gratitude
  • Honor your limitations as much as your strengths
  • Move through internal and external experiences fearlessly
  • Trust and listen to your inner wisdom
  • Align who you are with how you live your life
  • Transcend fears and doubts and transform that energy into taking action
  • Accept emotional states that arise and move through them mindfully
  • Develop effective communication – learn how to say what you want and need in a clear, true and loving manner

Sessions with teenagers are focused around rapport building, listening to understand, understanding emotions, self-esteem issues, relationships with peers/siblings/parents/authority figures, grades, pressures at home, etc. Sessions with children are more focused around helping caregivers, through a combination of observing and participating in sessions, gain insight into their child's behavior, stage of development, emotional needs and environmental influences.

Individuals, Couples and Family Sessions:

I offer counseling services for individuals, couples and families of all ages. I sometimes encourage the presence of family members or people from a support system into sessions, particularly when counseling children and teens. This is often an effective way to address issues, improve communication, promote healing and elicit change.

Ethical Codes, Disclosure and Privacy Practices:

Each person will read and sign my Personal Disclosure Statement and Notice of Privacy Practices at the start of our first session. I follow professional ethical codes, including the ACA Code of Ethics and NBCC Code of Ethics. As a health care professional, I comply with HIPPA regulations.

Insurance and Rates:

I accept the following forms of insurance: First Choice Health, Regence, Premera Blue Cross, Lifewise and APS (EAP). I can often serve as an out-of-network provider with other insurance companies that offer mental health coverage. If you are using an out-of-network insurance provider you will be billed monthly at a rate of $110.00 per session. I will electronically submit a reimbursement claim on your behalf for services rendered and you will receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.

I currently offer sliding-scale rates for clients paying out-of-pocket without insurance coverage to be determined at the time of scheduling.

Forms of Payment:

Sliding Scale Fees, Co-payment or co-insurance fees should be paid at the end of each session. I accept cash or personal checks, as well as PayPal payments submitted at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.

Skype Sessions (available upon request):

I offer online counseling sessions through Skype. Please email or call about scheduling an appointment. Together we will determine if this form of counseling is appropriate and beneficial.
Tel: 206.902.7485