• I graduated from Bastyr University in 2006 with a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Systems Counseling.
  • I completed a one-year internship at a local community mental health agency in 2006, and went on to work there full time until 2011.
  • I hold a Washington State Department of Health Mental Health Counselor License #60219752.
  • I am comfortable with the subjects of death, near-death experiences, grief and loss, traumatic loss, the paranormal, psychic senses, reincarnation, karma, life after death and other metaphysical areas.
  • I enjoy teaching and earned a certificate at the School of TESL, a program at Seattle University, in 2000. I have experience teaching English as a second language. I also enjoy learning other languages and have studied Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • One of my hobbies is photography, with a focus on nature. Nature is where I go to feel centered and relaxed. I like to be reminded of the vastness of our planet and the universe. Everything in nature is connected, and it is all inclusive. I teach nature inspired relaxation techniques.
  • I love to travel and enjoy our beautiful planet! I appreciate the diversity all around us that we are part of. I have traveled to Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Netherlands, India, Spain, Greece, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Easter Island and New Zealand.
  • My favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron. My favorite land mammal is the Horse. My favorite sea mammals are Whales and Dolphins. My favorite insects are Dragonflies and Bees.